TabCloud - For the Tab Glutton in us all...

The people who know me well, know that I have had a single individual complaint for a very long time i.e. no matter what browser that I use (and trust me, I have tried them all) - they all seem to collapse under the weight of 40 or more tabs open on various windows. Either the browsers themselves crash (Firefox) or they reduce the rest of my computer into a hulking paperweight.

Enter TabCloud. A Firefox and Chrome extension that allows you to save a group of tabs for later browsing (without going through the hassle of temporarily bookmarking the pages, which was the only previous solution). Better yet - TabCloud will also allow you to share a browsing session between computers! This means that you can come home after a long days work and reload your browsing session on your personal computer.

If you are constantly opening tabs to read later, have multiple sets of tabs that you only need for a particular function, or operate between many different computers - I would definitely suggest you check out this browser extension. Until I can buy more RAM, upgrade to a new laptop, or browsers begin optimizing themselves for heavy usage patterns, I guess this will have to do!

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